Our clinic

The KG Dental Clinic and Implant Centre were founded in 1991. In the course of the years we managed to win the confidence of our patients with conscientiously performance and our patient-oriented view. Our clinic is situated in the centre of Mosonmagyaróvár, in the vicinity of the border to Austria, which is a small town famous for its significant dental tourism.

What we offer:

Quality, accuracy, reliability

Skilled personal with 30 members in the service of our patients

Friendly employees speaking fluently English and German

2 oral surgeons, 5 dentists, 7 treatment rooms

Free assessment of health status, preparation of price offers and control examination

Specialists for implantology procedures

At a private institution unique equipment for procedures under general anaesthesia

3D X-ray device, laser

Individual care and services at European level

We work exclusively with Swiss and German basic material and equipment of the highest quality, which meet the strict EU standard requirements

Organising of travels, journeys

Provision of accommodation, at affordable prices

Own dental technical laboratory, which supports the work of our dental office significantly, CAD-CAM dental technology



Why is it worth choosing the KG Dental clinic for the solution of your dental problems?

The recommendation of several thousand satisfied patients

When searching for a solution to health problem, it is very important to find such a service provider, who won’t disappoint you. So you can place your dental treatment and the treatment of your family into the hands of the KG Dental team, which has already proven its expertise numerous times. Several decades of experience and several thousand satisfied patients are the guarantee for this.

We are proud that a major part of our patients visit our clinic through personal recommendation. This is the greatest praise we can receive, if a satisfied patient recommends our dental office, the KG Dental clinic.

Specialist in the field of implantation

In the KG Dental Clinic and Implantation Centre oral surgery treatments have been carried out since 1990, whether it’s a treatment concerning bone replacement or implantation. In the field of dentistry a constant developing process is taking place, particularly within the field of implants. The application possibilities are extending continuously, in a growing number of cases the insertion of implants means the solution for the patient. One single tooth can be replaced, dental arches can be fixed, even a whole round bridge can be placed on 6 implants, and all this with the help of 3D computers. At our dental office the experience of several decades is combined with a modern technical background, in the interest of our patients.

Always affordable prices

How much will it cost? The aim of the KG Dental clinic is to provide first quality service at affordable prices. We don’t strive to be the cheapest dental office, because it shouldn’t be forgotten that the most favourable alternative is always combined with compromises. Our aim is that you receive best value for your money, at an acceptable price level: high quality care and not only promises, accurate understandable information about planned procedures, guarantee and follow-up treatment. It is worth choosing the KG Dental Clinic and Implant Centre.

Procedures under anaesthesia (narcosis)

At our dental office a unique treatment room is provided, which is suitable for treatments carried out underl anaesthesia. It is equipped with such devices, which can be generally only found in hospitals. In the course of the operation under anaesthesia an anaesthesiologist and an assistant are present, whose task is to control the anaesthesia.

Where is the KG Dental Clinic situated?

The KG Dental clinic has adapted to the requirements of its patients. As a significant part of our patients arrive from abroad – mainly from Austria – so it was obvious that we locate our central clinic in Mosonmagyaróvár, close to the Austrian border. Therefore we are in easy reach from Austria via the A4 highway, and then in Hungary via the M1 highway.

Our patients who arrive from further away, can choose 2 airports. The Vienna airport is situated about 60 kilometres away, the airport of Bratislava is only 20 km away. Both airports can be easily reached from all European airports, at affordable prices. The KG Dental Clinic provides free of charge transfer to its patients and their family, friends from the airports.

Promptness, accuracy, flexibility: our own dental technical laboratory within the building!

The prepared dentures which you can wear even as long as you live are not only the work of one single person. The dental technical laboratory is an extremely important element, working in the background. This is the place where dental technicians prepare your dentures according to the instructions of the dentist. The cooperation of the dentist and the dental technician is team work, which correspond to the expectations of the patient.

Zahnimplantat 1

What are the benefits for you, that a laboratory is located at the KG Dental clinic?

There is a close cooperation between the dental office and the laboratory

Long-term, temporary crowns even on the same day

Determination of the appropriate tooth colour and form with the help of the dental technician

Observation of eventual special characteristics of the teeth

Dentures even within 2 days

Temporary dentures even within 1 day

There is no transport time between the dental office and the dental technician, so the preparation time of dentures can be reduced, as well.

Urgent implementation of possible guarantee problems, repair work, with extremely short term

Frequently asked questions

Is it worth having your teeth treated abroad?

The answer is clearly yes. The prices in Western Europe are often higher than the prices at the KG Dental Clinic and Implant Centre. It can be said that you can save thousands of Euros in case of an average treatment.

How can I make use of treatments abroad?

You have nothing else to do than to call the KG Dental clinic or send us an e-mail. If the patient sends us an X-ray image, we gladly develop a treatment plan and a price offer, which we will send you. We are at your disposal for discussing an appointment with you, we organise the booking of accommodation and free of charge transfers, as well.

What costs will I be expected to pay beyond the treatment?

Except the costs of the dental treatment the patient shall count on the costs of the accommodation and the journey. The patients of the KG Dental clinic can stay at the four star hotel in the vicinity of the clinic at a preferential price. The dental clinic provides a free of charge transfer from the railway station in Mosonmagyaróvár and Hegyeshalom, or even from the airports in Vienna and Bratislava.

Does my insurance at home pay for the treatment abroad?

Yes, the insurance company will reimburse you a part of the costs of the treatment abroad on presentation of the invoice. We would suggest that you inform yourself at your health insurance company before the beginning of the treatment.

How can I claim possible guarantee problems?

We assume a guarantee for every provided product and service. In these cases you should only return to our dental office and the KG Dental clinic will carry out the treatment covered by the guarantee free of charge.

Will I understand everything and will I be understood abroad?

At our dental office every employee speaks fluently German and English. The communication with your dentist and the reception staff will be held in your native language. Every written document (price offer, invoice and certificate) will be issued in English and German language, as well.

How can I pay at the dental clinic?

At the KG Dental clinic we accept both cash (Forint, Swiss Franc, Euro) and credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD and MAESTRO).

Will I receive an invoice after the procedure?

We will issue an invoice after each treatment.