Inlays for the aesthetic solution of caries damage

One method to restore decayed teeth is the use of inlays. Inlays are such fillings, which aren’t prepared in the dental office, but at the dental laboratory. They are made of ceramic, in order to fit exactly into the prepared tooth.


Which are the benefits of inlays?


Inlays are much more than only large fillings. Learn more about inlays here:

They ensure durable solutions even in case of caries of greater extent

Beautiful, aesthetic and precise fillings can be prepared with this method

They are prepared in dental laboratories, so they can be adapted more precisely, their shape is more anatomical

They are more durable, strong, wear-resistant and long-lasting

They ensure perfect chewing functionality

How are inlays prepared at the KG Dental clinic?

  • The process starts with the removing of the decayed parts of the tooth and the preparation of the place of the inlay
  • After this the impression for the dental laboratory is made
  • Based on the impression the dental laboratory prepares the exact inlay
  • The dentist fixes the inlay with a special adhesive in the tooth
Arany Inlay

Which materials are used for inlays?

The basic material of inlays can be different, you and your dentist can decide together:

  • Gold inlays: one of the most perfect materials for inlays which has been used successfully for many years. In case of molar teeth this is one of the best solutions even nowadays. It is regarded as the ultimate restoration, with extremely high strength, durability, toughness and resistance to wear, as the edge of the gold inlay fit closely to the tooth tissue. The only disadvantage of gold inlays is that they aren’t tooth coloured, they aren’t aesthetic at visible places and because of higher material costs they are more expensive.
  • Porcelain (ceramic) inlays: Their composition is similar to ceramic crowns. They are durable and also have the benefit of being able to be coloured to match your natural tooth. So they are the most aesthetic solution and are recommended in case of restoration of molars and premolars.
  • Composite inlays: based on synthetic material, have excellent aesthetic and functional features. Suggested for the restoration of premolars and molar teeth.

What to do in case you need inlays?

Inlays are durable and aesthetic solutions against caries in many cases.

We suggest you to visit our dental office in case of caries and ask for detailed information from our experienced dentists. You can reach us under the following numbers: