Dental bleaching

Whiter and more natural teeth even within two hours by means of teeth whitening (bleaching) in dental practices

Discover the new ZOOM Technology:

the most modern brightening gel

with evolved light illumination

6% active agent content (according to strict EU standards)

there is no pain, neither during the treatment, nor after it

long lasting results

4 x 15 minutes of illumination

it is recommended to have tartar removed before the treatment.

Teeth get discolored through the years, as a result of consumed food, beverages and smoking. Thanks to teeth whitening techniques these discolorations can be eliminated.
With the modern dental technologies of today, teeth can be brightened in less than 2 hours up to 6-8 shades. Healthy, shiny white teeth give a well-groomed and young appearance, and beautify every face.

Innovation in teeth whitening treatment!

Philips Zoom is the No. 1 patient-requested, market-leading professional whitening brand worldwide. The latest ZOOM teeth whitening procedure corresponds to the strictest EU standards and has a 6 % active agent content. Thereby the safety and protection of your teeth is even more increased. According to the experiences of previous treatments it can be said, that unlike the pain during earlier used whitening procedures (active agent of 26-33 %), in case of ZOOM teeth whitening no pain disappeared at all. Teeth get a natural, bright and radiant shine.

Incredible results, spectacular, fast changes with Philips Zoom White Speed

Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed

The fastest, easiest way of in-office teeth whitening , if you choose Philips ZOOM White Speed lamp. More than 4 million satisfied patients have already brightened up their teeth wit White Speed lamp. This system is so reliable, that it has been used in numerous, aesthetic transformation shows at TV with great success.

How is the treatment carried out?

First your gums are covered with a special isolation material, then the dental hygienist applies the ZOOM gel to the outer surface of you teeth. The gel is activated to the UV light and eliminates the discoloration in the teeth.
By using the Philips ZOOM System the dental hygienist intensifies the effect by the White Speed lamp up to 40 per cent – compared to other systems, which don’t use lamps or other lamps. In the course of the treatment this procedure is repeated four times.

Ask you dentist, if the ZOOM White Speed procedure is suitable for the whitening of your teeth, as well.

What are the costs of teeth whitening at the KG Dental clinic?

Teeth whitening treatments are available at very attractive prices at our dental practice at the moment, so that nothing can get in the way for your brilliant white smile.

Actionprice295 €uros instead of 420 €uros

The most important issues, you should know in connection with teeth whitening

What causes tooth discoloration?

Discoloration of teeth may have several reasons. The most common reasons are strongly pigmenting food and beverages (berries, coffee, tea). Some drugs, ageing process, smoking and trauma might cause discoloration, as well.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Yes, of course. Clinical studies show, that whitening treatments, carried out with professional active agents, controlled by dentists, are absolutely safe procedures, both for tooth and gum tissues.

Which teeth whitening system shall be chosen?

From the numerous, available teeth whitening systems the most spectacular and most reliable results could be reached with the use of Zoom lamp technology.

How long does the treatment take?

With the help of Philips Zoom your teeth will get visibly whiter in only one day. After the in-office Zoom treatment the treated teeth are whiter, brighter even after one session, the result is visible immediately.

Are there any side effects?

The most common side effect is the possible sensitivity of the teeth and the gums, but these vanish after 1-3 days after treatment.

How long does the result of Zoom teeth whitening last?

Teeth whitening helps to reduce existing discoloration, though coffee, hard drinks and the natural ageing process may cause discoloration again. Regular cleaning helps reducing discoloration. The Philips Zoom teeth whitening products also contain ACP, which helps maintaining the brightness of the teeth.

Are there any differences between whitening systems using lamps?

There are great differences between different teeth whitening methods using lamps. In particular regarding the quality of used materials, therefore it is worth making a carful choice.

What should you do, if you would like to have whiter teeth?

Teeth whitening is a fast and immediately visible method for the embellishment of your teeth. Therefore you should make use of this excellent possibility. Call our dental practice and ask for your personal appointment for your free teeth whitening treatment:


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Only one hour and you can leave our dental office with whiter teeth and a greater self-confidence.