All on 4 Prothese

All on 4 Prothese Sale 

Choose the most modern oral surgery procedure to save time and money!


You can leave the clinic immediately with the dentures made

fixed dentures

only minimal surgery required

with first class Nobel implants

using a special procedure can reduce the number of implants required

no need for an expensive sinus lift treatment

cost efficient

relatively short healing time, no need for 6-12 months of healing

12-member, full circular bridge fixed on 4 implants for only 6990 EUR – no hidden costs!

 Treatment description:

First visit: (2 days):

CT scan to allow the implantologist to see the bone stock and baseline in detail.

If you have the right bones, the All on 4 implantation procedure can be performed.

Implantation of 4 implants.

A few hours later, the patient receives a temporary denture, so you don't have to spend almost any time without teeth.

This is followed by a recovery period of 4 months.

Second visit (1 week)

After a control x-ray, an impression is taken, on the basis of which the dental technicians make the prosthesis.


Dental examination in 1-2 days.

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