Computerized treatment planning and guided implant placement!

Safe and precise treatment with the least possible inconvenience!

The key for a successful restoration

According to the clear opinions of dental professionals, one of the main effects on long term success of dental implantation is the correct three-dimensional position of the implant. Positioning dental implants is an operation requiring extreme patience and precision from the dentist. It is particularly important to have the implant in the best position both esthetically and anatomically for optimal bony healing.


How does it happen?

The most advanced solution for teeth replacement

The majority of implants were placed free-hand according to an x-ray image providing limited visual information. Free-hand implantation had higher risks and hardly reached the required accuracy even in the hands of an experienced surgeon.

In this clinic you have the possibility to ask for 3D planning and guided implant treatment with the latest technology.

SMART Guide is a high-end digital solution for your dentist to perform the perfect plan and positioning of your implant. The dentist can digitally plan your case ahead on a computer in relaxed circumstances.

Guided surgery

According to an esthetically and anatomically correct plan, a patient specific surgical guide ensures to have the implants in the perfect position.

Advantages of SMART Guide Technology

The treatment starts with high quality 3D imaging.

Unwished risks and complications of free-hand dental implantation can be reduced with precise planning and its accurate realization.

Due to the advanced preparations and the patient specific surgical guide the chair-time can be reduced to a fraction.

Guided surgery gives the possibility for a treatment as minimal invasive as possible. In many of the cases it means no sutures and less pain.

With seeing and using most of the given anatomy, expensive and risky procedures can be avoided in most of the cases.

All together SMART Guide offers a precise, estimable and safe treatment with minimizing the inconveniences of the surgery.

The treatment process with SMART Guide


Your dental professional informs you about the details of the treatment.

3D diagnostics

A CT image is made from your anatomical structures at the area of the missing teeth in order to visualize the bone and the gum. The imaging is completely painless and takes only a few seconds.

Computerized treatment planning

Your dentist plans your treatment in a relaxed environment. Thanks to the cutting-edge software it is possible to plan the perfect shape, size and position of your implants according
to the quality and quantity of the bone, and considering the surrounding anatomical structures such as the nerve or sinuses.

Implant placement

The surgery is performed through an individual surgical guide. The guide guarantees the implants to be placed in their planned position and it also ensures the least inconvenient treatment possible.

Prosthetic restoration

Your dentist can prepare the ideal prosthetic work on your implants thanks to their perfect position.

How much does the computerized treatment planning and guided implant placement cost in KG Dental clinic?

Smart Guide implantation with template

                                                   150 €uro/piece

*Prices are for your information! Patients coming through an intermediary may have different prices from homepage.

Ask your dentist for a consultation in order to have detailed information about the treatment with SMART Guide.