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Dental implantations or in other words implant placement is a practically painless surgical procedure involving a low level of risk, where in the place of the missing tooth an artificial root is inserted.

Now it is the perfect time to have your missing teeth replaced by implants at the KG Dental clinic:

  • Our dental office is the reference practice of ADIN implants in Hungary
  • Professional competence and practical experience for several decades
  • Favourable prices and quality without any compromises
  • You can feel secure at our clinic, because we provide a lifelong guarantee on ADIN implants in the event of their breach
  • The implant procedure can be carried out either under anaesthesia or slight sedation at our dental office in Mosonmagyaróvár
  • With the help of implantation you can have your lost teeth replaced
  • Thanks to the effective local anaesthesia the implant procedure is completely painless
  • You don’t have to hide your teeth in front of your friends, family or colleagues any more, because you feel unpleasant or inconvenient because of your missing teeth

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How much do implantation cost at the KG Dental clinic?

As a reference clinic, we can offer you ADIN implants at a more favourable price. You can find our exact prices below:

Implantation with operation 450 €uros
Implant abutment 150 €uros
All on 4 Multi Unit Implant abutment 300 €uros
Sinus-Lift Operation 790 €uros
Mini Sinus-Lift Operation 390 €uros
Bone substitution 300 €uros
Membran 180 €uros

*Prices are for your information! Patients coming through an intermediary may have different prices from homepage.

What are the dangers if you don’t ensure the replacement of missing teeth in time?

The replacement of missing teeth is not only a question of aesthetics, but is also important for health reasons. If you delay the replacement of missing teeth in the long run, this can involve serious risks, which aren’t always easy to recognize. Learn more about these risk factors:

  • The health of the adjacent and antagonist teeth is also at stake due to the imbalanced load on them they can move from their right place.
  • The jaw joint is exposed to constant additional load, so this may tend to tire easily and cause pain.
  • The imbalanced load can sometimes cause insomnia, fatigue, exhaustion even after a full night’s sleep.
  • A significant level of bone substance loss may occur in place of the lost tooth, which may prevent that later the missing teeth is replaced by an implant.

So in case of missing teeth it is worth to consult an expert as soon as possible, because this way later, serious consequences might be avoided.

Insertion of implants

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Some important information, you should know in any event, before you have your missing teeth replaced by implants:

  1. Does an implantation cause any pain? – According to 96 % of our patients, they didn’t feel any pain during the whole procedure. Only in rare cases there might occur individual hypersensitivity. These painless procedures can be carried out due to the effective anaesthetic methods.
  2. How is dental implantation carried out at the KG Dental clinic? – the insertion of implants is implemented in eight easy steps at our dental office:
  • Free consultation with one of our highly qualified expert at our clinic
  • Making of a 3D CT image in our dental office and its analysis
  • Preparation of a written price offer and the detailed discussion with you
  • Medical preparation for the operation
  • Implantation, that means the surgical procedure
  • Healing phase (between 2-6 months)
  • Preparation and fixation of the final implant supported dentures

Insertion of implants

  1. Who carries out implantations at the KG Dental clinic? – our clinic has decades of experience in the field of dental implantation, so excellent and competent dentists are at your disposal if you decide to have your missing teeth replaced at our clinic.
  2. What about the guarantee? – The dentists, implantologists at the KG Dental clinic work with great responsibility, therefore our success rate is more than 95 % in this field. We provide a life-long guarantee on inserted ADIN Implants in case of their breach.

What should you do to have your missing teeth replaced under safe circumstances and in a safe and aesthetic way?

The insertion of implants is a decision for life, which you can only make with appropriate awareness when you know all important information.
Now you can do this in a very simply way, you only have to send us your panorama X-ray image per e-mail or just visit our dental clinic personally for a free of charge consultation. You will get detailed answers from our experienced expert regarding the following:

  • Insertion of implantsThanks to the digital diagnostic means and the specialised examination you can get more information about your dental problems and which alternative solutions are possible for a successful and permanent treatment.
  • You can get to know the manifold variations of implant supported dentures and you can inspect the differences on our reference pictures.
  • You will receive immediate and professional answers to your questions in connection with implants.

You only have to call our dental office in Mosonmagyaróvár and make an appointment for a free of charge consultation in connection with implants. Our telephone number is:

+ 36  96  217 044

We are cordially expecting you at our dental office.

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