The staffs of the KG Dental Clinic and Implant centre don’t forget about its patients after finishing of treatments. You will get a certificate about the prepared dentures and inserted implants, and we ensure guarantee on our treatments, as well.

The guarantee extends to the following:


  • Removable dentures 2 years
  • Metal-ceramic crowns: 5 years
  •  Zircon crown: 5 years
  • Implants: The manufacturer ensures on the material of implants life-long guarantee. In case of rarely occurring failure of bone ingrowths, we will insert another implant, if possible, or we pay back the price of the implant
  • The conditions of the warranty are appropriate oral hygiene and annual controls, furthermore not excessive smoking.

At the KG Dental clinic the success rate of inserted implants exceeds 95 per cent.

Condition of warranty:

  • Thorough oral care, compliance with the dentist’s instructions
  • Attendance at the annual control examinations

The warranty isn’t valid, if

  • the patient doesn’t attend at the annual check-up
  • the patient doesn’t comply with the dentist’s instructions
  • the use of dentures isn’t appropriate (dropping, punching)
  • problems occur because of changes in the mouth (treatment of inflamed tooth under the denture, loosening because of periodontitis)

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